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The Maine Lobster industry’s intrinsic focus on sustainability and conservation has been embedded in the Maine way of life for generations, dating back more than 150 years.


Maine lobstermen are small business owners who independently own and operate their boats.  They have been committed to fishery sustainability and traceability long before it was fashionable. Today they continue to evolve practices based on the needs of the marine environment. In order to maintain a strong and healthy lobster population, Maine Lobsters are 100% hand-harvested, with lobstermen handling each and every lobster with care. All are caught one trap at a time to protect their quality and environment. In fact, more disruptive fishing techniques, like dragging, can be detrimental to the habitat, are prohibited for lobster fishermen in Maine. 


Further, Maine Lobster boats are not the industrial boats you may know from other fisheries. Lobstermen work from small day boats, typically topping out around 50-feet in size. Each lobster fisherman must be licensed by the State, and the lobsterman must own the boat and gear he fishes, so it’s not possible for a conglomerate to buy up multiple lobster fishing boats and hire captains to fish them. 


Maine Lobsterman Association

Maine Lobstermen's Community Alliance


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